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AFTER THE DELUGE is a 15-minute fiction film adapted from a play written by John Patrick Shanley (MOONSTRUCK, DOUBT) and starring Trae Harris (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) and Grace Rex (SEVERANCE, THE GOOD WIFE).

The film is about Sharka, a scrappy expressionistic painter who finds respite from the isolation of her small apartment on a park bench, where she stations herself to paint. When Bridget, a self-possessed lone traveler encroaches, angry sparks fly until the two find unexpected common ground. 

The screenplay, based on John Patrick Shanley’s one-act play of the same name, was written about a moment, a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and explores themes of loneliness, loss, and the universal struggle to connect. John Patrick Shanley has written in praise of the film:


Tara Young has made a compelling short film of my one act play After the Deluge. It captures a moment in the emotional life of New York: The day after the pandemic. She took words on a page, heartfelt words, and transformed them into something human and evergreen. Her adaptation is a message in a bottle for those who come after us and wonder what it was like.


We are still in need of $5k for finishing funds. If you'd like to support this project and the talented women-led team of filmmakers, you can make a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Women Make Movies. Thank you!

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